Seminar/Last Day

Last Saturday, December 12, 2015 we had our 1-hour seminar for Project Management and Mr. Greffin was our speaker. Well at first, I thought it will be ‘lecture thing’ again (but luckily it wasn’t). It was about Project Management in real world and what they are doing. I was interested in how they deal with their work, so that’s why I really enjoyed the talk.

At first, he showed us the timeline of his ‘work’ and you’ll be amazed of what he is now (for just 6 years) *but he told us not to do that* and at that moment it made me think what would I be after 6 years… Next part was a question and answer, he answered it based on his experience and some were answered by our blockmates. What I learned from this seminar is Project Management is not just about dealing with people it is also concerned to how good you will manage and do the project that was assigned in your team. Meeting the deadlines, estimating the costs,  patience and a lot of hardwork are what will make you a good PM and also a good leader.

So this is how our class ended but this is not the end of our course. We’ll surely bring the lessons and memories that we have shared as we go further in our own path. The lessons that we’ve learned from you (Ma’am Kit) will forever be in our mind because we fully understood what you want us to know and learn.

We will miss you Ma’am! I will miss you and your forever hugots. Thank you, thank you!


Where is it?

Thank you!

Hi good day everyone! 🙂

IS 206/BPM?

At first, I thought that it will be the same in our other courses… memorization (Arrgghh!) It is, it was. 🙂 But that’s not a bad thing for this subject; it’s not just memorizing, it’s how you will apply. Not all courses will give you the same activity that we had in here.:)

You will be the one to think, decide and analyze all the information that you have gathered (I’m actually referring to our project, that we need to have our own business process to a certain company). This project was not that hard for us, (yeah, seriously!) simply because we know and understand what we are doing. And it is because of the lectures that we had before doing the project. This course didn’t just focused in powerpoint presentation and sources that we have, it gave us knowledge of what is really happening to the outside world, the industry. And that is what we all need.

See you next semester! 🙂

This is me now. Just like her, full of knowledge. (Haha) Thanks to you!